How Is the Weather at Machu Picchu in April?

How Is the Weather at Machu Picchu in April?

Are you thinking of visiting Machu Picchu in April? There are a lot of factors to think about, such as the best times to take pictures, what to pack, how to deal with Cusco’s changing weather, and more.

Use our in-depth guide to learn more about each of these aspects. We’ll provide you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to have a safe and pleasurable trip to Machu Picchu in April.

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Weather in April at Machu Picchu

clouds at machu picchu ruins

The rainy season ends in April, signaling the start of the dry season at Machu Picchu. While there might still be some rainfall in April since the rainy season is almost over, it will likely be less frequent and less strong than in the months before.

The daytime highs are in the mid-range of mild to warm. During the day, the temperature should vary between 15 and 25°C (59 and 77°F).


Temperature Range

As the rainy season ends and the dry season begins in April, the weather in Machu Picchu is mild. During the day, the average temperature is between 15 and 25°C (59 and 77°F).

Even though the days might be quite warm, it’s best to pack in layers because the evenings can get chilly and you’ll need extra clothing to stay warm.


How Much Does It Rain in April?

The rainy season ends in April and you can expect only some occasional rainfalls. Generally speaking, April brings less rain at Machu Picchu than the previous months and it’s known as a drier period.

rain chart

Overview of monthly rain or snow at Machu Picchu. Source: Wanderlog


Humidity and Clouds

With an average humidity of 100% in April, Machu Picchu is extremely humid—you could even say humid but cool. You can expect clearer skies and more sunshine, compared to the previous months.

clouds at ruins of machu picchu

In conclusion, the weather in April is still very humid, but you can expect more sunshine, less fog, clouds and most importantly, less rain when visiting Machu Picchu.

To learn more about the various months and seasons, check out our blog post about the weather at Machu Picchu.


Pros and Cons of Visiting Machu Picchu in April

A visit to Machu Picchu in April offers a unique set of pros and cons. Let’s learn more about this below.

Pros of Visiting in April

  • Mild Temperatures: The average daytime temperature is 15 and 25°C (59 and 77°F), which makes it ideal for exploration.
  • Less Travelers: In April, there are less tourists than in the peak season because it is the shoulder season. This makes visiting the archaeological site more peaceful and private.
  • Less Rain: April marks the beginning of the dry season. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the ruins with less rain and more sunshine.

travelers standing in front of machu picchu ruins

Cons of Visiting in April

  • Limited Availability: Some hiking treks, such as the famous Inca Trail, may have limited availability due to the high demand. It’s essential to book your tickets several months in advance.
  • Unpredictable Weather: Even though the dry season officially begins in April, there may still be occasional rainfall. It’s best to take the right clothes with you! More about this below.
  • More Travelers During Holidays: April includes holidays or vacation times, which might attract more travelers to Machu Picchu. Although it’s usually less crowded than the following months, you should be aware that there may be an increase in visitors on some days.


In order to customize your vacation to Machu Picchu to match your preferences and comfort level, a good compromise between the previously mentioned advantages and disadvantages has to be set.

Traveling to Machu Picchu in April is going to be a unique and unforgettable experience, as you will face more sun, less rain and travelers. Whichever way you decide to go, it will undoubtedly be an amazing experience.

Learn everything you need to know with our Machu Picchu travel guide before heading off to your adventure of a lifetime.


General Recommendations for Visiting Machu Picchu in April

machu picchu ruins

You must plan your time and visit carefully if you want to enjoy Machu Picchu in April. The next five recommendations should be helpful for your visit to the ruins.


1. Best Time to Enter Machu Picchu

The best time to enter Machu Picchu is very early in the morning, between 6-8 am, or in the late afternoon from 2-3 pm. This allows you to have the best light and weather conditions for your unforgettable pictures.


2. Take the Right Clothes With You

Pack layers of clothes in order to prepare for variations in temperature during the day and night. Take a hat, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, a waterproof jacket or poncho in case of sudden rainfall.


3. Check the Weather Forecasts

As the rainy season ends in April and the dry season begins, keep track of Machu Picchu weather forecasts. Be ready for occasional rainfall, sunshine and fast weather changes, which is pretty common for the Andes.


4. Choose a Guided Tour

Choosing a guided tour is the best way to explore Machu Picchu’s history and surroundings. If you choose our top-rated Machu Picchu tour you will be traveling with a local expert guide that speaks great English, making your experience unforgettable.


5. Book Your Tickets Early Enough

Check for availability and limitations due to maintenance and repair from the rainy season if you plan to go on hikes, like the Inca Trail. Think about making reservations in advance for getting your preferred travel date.


April Travel Packing List for Machu Picchu

cloudy ruins

Packing appropriately is essential for having the best time on an April trip to Machu Picchu, especially due to the unpredictable weather. The things you must always have with you can be found in this brief checklist.


Clothing Recommendations

Bring lightweight, dry fit clothing for warm days, long-sleeved shirts and pants for sun protection, sweater or light jacket for chilly evenings and a waterproof jacket for the sporadic rainfall. Besides that, make sure to pack a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.


Recommended Footwear

A relaxing and safe trip requires solid, waterproof hiking shoes with lots of traction. Wearing supportive footwear is essential for your trip because trails can get slippery, particularly after rain.

It is even more crucial to have good hiking shoes if you plan on going to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain. Check the differences between Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain to see if you might benefit from doing one more hike.


Gear and Accessories

  • Backpack: To carry your food, camera, water bottle, snacks and other things during your visit to Machu Picchu.
  • Snacks: Make sure to pack different energy-boosting snacks with you, such as trail mix, fruits, power bars and more.
  • Power Bank: Bring a portable power bank with you to make sure your phone is always charged for taking pictures or navigating.
  • Insect Repellent and Sun Protection: Use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from the strong Andean sun. Besides that, make sure to pack an insect repellent with you to protect you from bug bites.

Plan ahead while packing to take advantage of the beautiful scenery which adds to the amazing experience of being at Machu Picchu in April. Check our Peru packing list to make sure that you take the right things with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is April a Good Time to Discover Machu Picchu?

April is one of the greatest times of year to visit Machu Picchu because of the mix of warmer temperatures, less tourists, rain and clouds.


What Kind of Weather Can I Expect in April at Machu Picchu?

April is known for more sunshine, less rainfall and mild temperatures ranging from 15 and 25°C (59 and 77°F).


How Should I Dress for Machu Picchu in April?

When visiting Machu Picchu in April, wear light and dry fit apparel for warm weather and pack long sleeve shirts and pants to shield yourself from the sun. Packing a lightweight jacket or sweater for chilly evenings and a waterproof jacket or poncho for sudden rainfall will help you be ready for any kind of weather.


Is Machu Picchu Open in April?

travelers with guide at machu picchu

Machu Picchu is open the entire year from 6 am to 5:30 pm. However, due to high demand, we strongly advise you purchase your tickets well in advance.


What Is the Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu in April?

The best time to enter Machu Picchu is very early in the morning from 6-8 am or in the late afternoon from 2-3 pm.


Are Guided Tours Still Available in April?

Yes, we provide guided trips all year long. Having a guided tour will offer you valuable insights into the significance and history of Machu Picchu.


Is Machu Picchu Crowded in April?

Even though the dry season begins in April, you will encounter fewer travelers than in the following months, which contributes to a relaxed and authentic visit to the ruins.


Building Lasting Memories at the Ruins of Machu Picchu in April

traveler in poncho with guide at machu picchu

In summary, April is a fantastic month to travel to Machu Picchu and discover this magical place. You will enjoy mild temperatures, more sunshine, less clouds and only sporadic rainfall.

The only things to be aware of are the slightly increased number of travelers as April marks the beginning of the dry season and that you need to book your tickets for the Inca Trail or one of the mountains, Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountains, a few weeks in advance.

In the end, you are going to have a memorable experience at the magical ruins of Machu Picchu.

Ready for your adventure in Cusco? Then it’s time to learn more about our 4-day Bestseller tour to Machu Picchu.

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