Machu Picchu Weather – All You Need to Know

Machu Picchu Weather – All You Need to Know

Before you plan to come and visit the famous Machu Picchu, one of the seven world wonders since 2007, you should be aware of the weather so you can prepare yourself accordingly. I’m sure that when most people think of South America, they associate it with sunny & warm weather – and yes, part of this is true.

Regarding the weather in Cusco, you have to be aware of two different seasons, dry season and rainy season. Dry season normally lasts from April to September and rainy season from October/ November up to March.

But what kind of weather can you expect at Machu Picchu (2400m above sea level) which is located in the Andean mountains? What is the best time of the year to do a Machu Picchu tour? This blog post will focus on these and many more questions regarding the weather at Machu Picchu.

If you’re looking for the weather at Machu Picchu in a specific month, check out these articles:

Machu Picchu Weather – Dry Season

From April to October, the Machu Picchu weather is rather good (sunny and most likely dry). Considering the weather alone, this is the best time of the year to visit the famous wonder of the world.

You certainly won’t be the only explorer visiting the Machu Picchu during that time of the year.

In fact, between July and August it can get pretty crowded, as these months mean summer vacations for many countries.

These months are the peak season and the weather at Machu Picchu is sunny and dry.

This makes it easy to walk on the ancient paths of the Incas. If you’re looking to get the best shots of Machu Picchu, this is probably the right time for you, as the hours of sunlight are twice as much in this time period.

And trust me, seeing how the sun rises over Machu Picchu is an incredible feeling which you will never forget.

afternoon machu picchu ruins blue sky

Staying in Aguas Calientes brings the benefit, that you can enter Machu Picchu at 06:00 am.  


However, during the rainy season you can also get some amazing, mystic shots.

Even if September is still considered dry season, the Machu Picchu weather will be a lot more unpredictable than in the months before.

October normally marks the change of climate, as it starts to rain more and more.


Machu Picchu Weather – Rainy Season

The Machu Picchu weather from November – March is not really the best and it can potentially rain a lot.

What I mean by “a lot” is around 80% of annual rainfall! From March to April, the rainfall will reduce by half, but the humidity goes up a lot.

This causes a lot of fog, which can make it quite difficult to see the Machu Picchu.

However, these moments when Machu Picchu pops out of the fog are incredible!

Machu Picchu ruins covered in clouds

No matter what weather you have at Machu Picchu, this place looks always magical.


Normally, the rain at the Machu Picchu almost never endures more than 2 hours before it stops. So it’s rather rare that you will be covered in rain the entire day.


Temperatures at Machu Picchu

The annual average temperature at the Machu Picchu is around 16°C, but the sun can burn on your skin with up to 25°C during the dry season.

That doesn’t sound like too much or? But due to the altitude you can get sunburned easily, so make sure to use sunscreen.

However, it can also get really cold in the early mornings of June and July, where the temperature can drop to -2°C.

This is why the next topic about what clothes to wear is crucial so that you are prepared properly.

If you are looking for a weather guarantee at Machu Picchu I have to disappoint you. As the only guarantee is that the weather can change regularly!


What Clothes to Wear for Your Tour

Now you just learned about the unpredictability of the weather in the Andes, you can guess how important the right clothing is.

Ready to hear about a great tip for your Machu Picchu tour? It’s all about wearing multiple layers! Therefore, you can deal with the cold temperatures in the morning and enjoy the sun in the afternoon at the same time.

Make sure to take a small backpack with you to Machu Picchu, so you can put some of your layers in it once inside instead of carrying them all the way.

In general, I would recommend a light zip-off hiking pants. I personally like to wear the zip-off pants, because they keep me warm in the morning and in case it’s getting warm during the day, I just take the lower part off and have some nice shorts.

alpacas at machu picchu ruins

At Machu Picchu you’ll see plenty wild alpacas and llamas. 


Let’s go from top to bottom considering the right clothing.

I’d recommend wearing either a synthetic performance shirt or a long-sleeve, because it will help you to keep the annoying bugs away.

For a mid-layer I can recommend something that is not too warm and not too heavy. Therefore, a good choice is a polyester fleece or just a regular hoodie/ light wool sweater.

The outer layer is really important in case it starts to rain or if it gets windy at the Machu Picchu. Thus, I’d go for something “water repellent & breathable”, if you plan on hiking in the Andes.

Some other necessities would be your sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, a rain poncho and a hat.

Last but not least, make sure you have some solid hiking shoes! Because some hiking paths can be very slippery and steep, especially if you are planning to climb the Huayna Picchu.


Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu

As you guys already know, the dry season is pretty popular amongst travelers, especially the months of July and August.

In these months the weather at Machu Picchu is amazing and you will have the most hours of sunlight and the least chance that it will rain.

Machu Picchu sunshine clouds

Make sure to buy your tickets in advance, so that you can get your preferred entrance time.


But keep in mind that a majority of travelers will come during these months and therefore it will get more difficult to get tickets for Machu Picchu and especially for Huayna Picchu. 

To enjoy the Machu Picchu experience, I recommend you to go either just before July or slightly after August. Firstly, the weather will be still good in the dry season and you will have enough hours of sunlight. Secondly, it will be not so crowded at the sanctuary.

Therefore you should aim to visit the Machu Picchu in the months of May, June, September as well as October to enjoy the overall experience! This is also the best time if you are looking to combine your Machu Picchu visit with a hiking tour, such as the Inca Trail or the Salkantay Trek.

In my opinion, the first months of the year, January and February, are probably the most difficult to visit Machu Picchu as it’s really wet and difficult to get around.

Besides that many roads are closed due to bad weather and it can occur that you won’t be able to climb up Huayna Picchu – believe me you don’t want to miss that!

If you plan to reach the Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail, remember that the famous trail will be closed in all of February.

sunny view at machu picchu

 In the Quechua language, “Machu Picchu” means “Old Peak” or “Old Mountain.”


Now You’re Prepared for the Machu Picchu Weather

So if you plan on visiting the wonder of the world, be prepared for potentially inconsistent weather, the so-called “Machu Picchu weather”. Depending on when you visit, there can be substantial differences considering the amount of people, the difficulty to get tickets and, of course, the weather.

In general, we recommend you to visit shortly before or shortly after high season. The chances of good weather and no large tourist groups are high during this time.

Apart from the weather, do you already know which train to take to get to Machu Picchu? There are different possibilities so make sure to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Learn more about our different Peru tours and collect unforgettable moments in the country of the Incas.

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