Weather in Iquitos: The Best Time to Visit

Weather in Iquitos: The Best Time to Visit

Welcome to the largest city inaccessible by road, famous for Ayahuasca and especially the diverse flora and fauna and also one of the most mysterious places on our planet. Apart from that, the weather in Iquitos is that unique that we dedicated an entire article about the topic so you can find out when is the best time to visit for you.

Did you know that the city covers more than 60% of the Amazon rainforest? In fact, it’s the habitat of several hundreds of beautiful animals and plants. All of that and much more will make sure that your time in the Peruvian jungle will be unforgettable.

Once you come to Iquitos, be prepared for the tropical rainforest climate! As the seasons are not sensitive in the equatorial zone, you will find only the dry and rainy season in the Amazon jungle. Get ready for constant rainfall, temperatures from 21°C to 33°C (70 to 90 F) and a lot of humidity!

beautiful weather in iquitos with sunset on amazon river

Travelers enjoying a boat tour in the Amazon river at sunset.


Something remarkable about the weather in Iquitos is that there are various microclimates. This means that in some areas you can experience rain or drizzle and in other parts of the jungle sunshine and a blue sky.

You can already see that the weather in the Peruvian amazon is rather unique. In this article, we’ll cover topics such as high- and low water season, what to pack for the jungle and the best time to visit. This will help you make the best decision regarding when to explore the Peruvian rainforest.

Weather in the Amazon Rainforest

Before doing your Amazon jungle tour you should consider the high- and low water seasons, as these will impact your overall experience, what you can see, do and much more. One thing that you can not escape from while exploring the jungle is the intense air humidity. It averages around 80-100% all year long.

info table about weather in iquitos

Overview of monthly climate in Iquitos. Source:


So let’s have a more detailed look at the two main seasons in Iquitos and how these will affect your time in the Amazon jungle.


Weather in Iquitos: High-Water Season

When considering the weather in Iquitos, you have to be aware of the high-water season in Iquitos, where you will face a lot of rain in the months from December to May. During this time the water levels in the Amazon river can rise up to 7 m (22 ft)! The temperatures you will face are warm and humid at about 30°C (87 Fahrenheit).

However, lots of rain allows you to get deeper into the rainforest by boat. This way, you can explore some creeks that you cannot pass during low water season.

Man with boat on amazon river

Local on his wooden boat on the Amazon river.


With that said you will get very close to the exciting wildlife of the Amazon river! So get ready to see some exotic Amazon rainforest animals such as the pink dolphins, Amazonian manatees, pygmy marmosets, ocelots, river otters, night monkeys and much more!

In case you prefer to hike less and go deep into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest by boat, you should plan to visit Iquitos during these months. However, keep in mind that you will not be the only one to be exploring the jungle, as fall is the busiest time for tourism in Iquitos.


Weather in Iquitos: Low-Water Season

The low-water season takes place during the months of June to December where the rain decreases a lot and temperatures rise up to 34 ° C (90° Fahrenheit). To make the high temperatures more endurable you will face fewer mosquitoes and believe us, you will be grateful for that!

The biggest difference to the high water season is that you have to hike more to get deep into the jungle, instead of using a boat or canoe.

travelers with exploor flag in jungle

A group of our travelers enjoying the beautiful Amazon rainforest. 


Of course you will see and enjoy the different animals of the rainforest, although it may not be as obvious as it was during high water season. One of the benefits of the low-water season is that it is the perfect time for the typical jungle experience – piranha fishing. Why? Due to the lower water levels you will find more fish at the ground of the Amazon river.

One crucial fact to keep in mind is, before you decide during which season you would like to visit the Amazon jungle is that the Amazon lodges in Iquitos require to be flexible with their programs. This means that if there is not enough water (low-water season) in the creek, it won’t be possible to do the boat tour on the Amazon river at night. That’s why knowing about the weather in Iquitos before booking is crucial.

Now you are probably wondering during which season you should come to Iquitos and experience the jungle…


Best Time to Visit Iquitos

We get asked a lot when is the best time to visit Iquitos and an honest answer is that there really is never a bad time to visit (even though this might sound cheesy)! It really depends on your personal preferences and what you’d like to see. As you have seen above, each season has its own advantages.

The dry season is never really dry, as it still rains several times a week, but the rains normally tend to be short and intense (less than 1 hour). The wet season on the other hand has a lot more rain, but you can discover more of the deep jungle creeks and you’ll also have more luck fishing.

victoria regia water lily

The giant water lilies ‘Victoria Regia’.


We from Exploor have gone to Iquitos once during dry and once during wet season. Without a doubt, both experiences have been phenomenal. Personally, I did our 3-day tour in May and for me this was the perfect time to visit Iquitos as it hardly rained and the rivers were still high. This allowed us to do an unforgettable boat tour in the creeks at night with all the lights and the engine turned off. You will be able to experience this in other months as well, though.

However, as climate change has become more extreme it keeps getting more difficult to really predict the seasons. In the end, you’ll visit pure nature and remember that nature is full of adventures. So be prepared for all kinds of weather! And trust us, your jungle experience will be unique, no matter when you visit, as you’ve never seen anything like this before.


What to Wear in the Amazon Jungle?

Most of you will probably visit the Amazon jungle for the first time! For that reason it’s absolutely normal to ask yourself what you should pack for your jungle adventure.

You should already be aware that the climate and weather in Iquitos are quite special and it’s warm and humid at the same time most of the year! So as you can see, it is crucial to take the right clothes with you.

A quick summary of what you should bring:

  • Dri-fit clothing
  • Long sleeve shirts and trousers
  • T-shirts, tank tops and loose cotton clothing
  • Shoes and socks
  • Light windbreaker
  • Swimwear
  • Hat/cap

For a more detailed overview of what you should pack, check out our Iquitos packing list, so that you’ll be perfectly prepared.

woman on boat fishing

Traveler trying to catch a piraña in the Amazon river.


Get Ready for Your Iquitos Adventure!

Before coming to Iquitos, it is important to consider the high- and low water seasons as depending on which one you decide for, your vacation might look quite different.

During the high-water season you can get deeper into the rainforest and see a variety of the most famous jungle animals, as the water levels rise up to 7 m so that you can pass otherwise inaccessible creeks. However, keep in mind that you will also face more rain in this season!

On the other hand, there is the low-water season which is especially great for people that like to do more hiking and exploring by foot. In this season, you will face less rain and warm temperatures. However, be aware that you possibly can’t do the Amazon boat tour by night.

info table about weather in iquitos

In Iquitos, you’ll see lots of green landscapes and lots of water. 


Regarding the best time to visit Iquitos, you can come and travel to Iquitos during the entire year, as it really depends on your personal preferences and especially your time. Just to see the different flora and fauna of the Amazon is something worthwhile and unforgettable to experience in person. And no worries, following our list of the top 10 things to do in Iquitos you won’t be bored.

We hope that after reading this you have a better understanding of the weather in Iquitos. Have a look at our different Peru tours and get ready for your unforgettable adventure.

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