The Best Restaurants in Arequipa

The Best Restaurants in Arequipa

When you’re in Arequipa, also known as the “white city”, you can enjoy some very tasty traditional Peruvian food in the typical “Picanterias”. The tradition of the Picanteria restaurants is to serve particular dishes on each day of the week.

Arequipa is especially known for the Spanish colonial style of the stews and casserole, which are made over the firewood in clay pots.

Get ready for a gastronomic highlight, because the best restaurants in Arequipa listed below are some of the most diverse in all of Peru!

What to Eat in Arequipa?

  • Anticuchos de Corazon
  • Rocoto Relleno
  • Chupe de Camarones
  • Mazamorra Morada
  • Choco Maki
  • Caldo Blanco

The following traditional Peruvian food recommendations in Arequipa are based on the dishes the restaurants offer, the average prices, whether you need a reservation or not and much more.


 El Tio Diario


Interesting facts: Amazing view on the volcano & mountains

Average Price: $ 6-15

Kitchen: Peruvian, Seafood, BBQ

Best time to eat: Brunch & Lunch

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Anticuchos de Corazon (bovine heart), Parmesan-Scallops, Ceviche

Atmosphere: Casual


Ary Quepay

Roco Relleno

Interesting facts: The creator designed this dish to convince the devil to let his daughter into the heaven.

Average Price: $ 5-15

Kitchen: Peruvian, Latin American, South American

Best time to eat: Snack, Lunch & Dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Rocoto Relleno

Atmosphere: Casual


La Nueva Palomino

Chupe de Camarones

Interesting facts: The seafood comes fresh out of the river Majes which is close to the city of Arequipa.

Average Price: $ 5-22

Kitchen: Peruvian, Seafood, Vegetarian

Best time to eat: Lunch & Dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Chupe de Camarones

Atmosphere: Casual


La Despensa

Mazamorra morada

Interesting fact: The dessert is made out of black corn.

Average Price: $ 15-20

Kitchen: Italian, Vegan, International

Best time to eat: Lunch & Dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Mazamorra Morada, Pizza

Atmosphere: Casual


El Buda Profano

Choco maki

Interesting fact:  The restaurant is famous for its vegan sushi and the wine & sake bar.

Average Price: $ 4-8

Kitchen: Japanese, Sushi, Vegan Dishes

Best time to eat: Lunch & Dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Vegan Sushi, Vegan Ceviche; For dessert, go with the Choco Makis.

Atmosphere: Modern



Caldo blanco

Interesting fact: Everyday for lunch you will get a four-course menu.

Average Price: $ 3-6

Kitchen: Peruvian, Healthy, Vegan

Best time to eat: Lunch

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Caldo Blanco, Hiro de Zapallo con Hamburgesa (consists of lentils, kidney beans etc.) is served with white rice; Champi Lomo Saltado (mushrooms, onions, tomato sauce, rice, fries + alfalfa sprouts); Chocolate cake as a dessert.

Atmosphere: Casual


Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Arequipa

I hope that these recommendations are helpful for finding the best restaurants in Arequipa before heading to the Colca Canyon. All of these restaurant recommendations are based on our personal opinion and we are not affiliated to the restaurants.

Did we forget a restaurant or a dish that we should definitely include in our list for Arequipa? And if you’re traveling to Peru’s capital or the city of the Incas, our recommendations for the best restaurants in Lima or the best restaurants in Cusco might also interest you.

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