The Best Restaurants in Cusco

The Best Restaurants in Cusco

Cusco is known for its impressive history of the Incas, for its New Wonder of the World Machu Picchu, and for its beautiful Andean landscape. Apart from sightseeing activities or hiking tours, the city of the Incas also offers a lot of culinary experiences that will cherish your palate. Ready to find out more about the best restaurants in Cusco?

In recent years, more and more restaurants have opened up and the options of where to go out to eat in Cusco have become numerous. That’s why we prepared a small and exclusive list of restaurants based on our personal- and our travelers’ experience.

No matter if you like vegan food, pizza, typical Peruvian dishes, seafood or something else, with our list of the best restaurants in Cusco we’ve got you covered!

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the restaurants mentioned below. This list is based 100% on our personal opinion and on the feedback we have received from our travelers.

Table of contents:

List of the Best Restaurants in Cusco

LIMO Peruano Nikkei

Limo restaurant

Interesting facts: Enjoy your food on the balcony with a view over Plaza de Armas.

Average Price: $11-17

Kitchen: Peruvian-Japanese fusion kitchen

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: A couple of days in advance.

Try this: Trucha Yamimono (grilled trout in Andean chili-sauce) or variety of sushi-fusion and tiradito (Peruvian version of Sashimi).

Atmosphere: Modern


Chicha, by Gaston Acurio


Interesting facts: Gaston Acurio has many restaurants all over Peru. Chicha is a great example of him being a genius in the kitchen.

Kitchen: Peruvian

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: At least a couple of days in advance.

Try this: You have three options to choose from: 1. Chefs Menu 2. Menu a la Carte 3. Tasting Menu. From the menu, we’d recommend the grilled Octopus with pickled radish or Lomo Saltado ($14-20)

Atmosphere: Modern


Morena Peruvian Kitchen

La Morena

Interesting facts: Offers modern contemporary Peruvian kitchen but also delicious vegetarian options, such as Quinoa chaufa, Sacred Valley salad or Causa vegetarian appetizer.

Average Price: $11-15

Kitchen: Peruvian

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: One day in advance is enough.

Try this: Lomo Saltado (served with Quinoa and huancaina sauce) or Trout with Quinoa and Avocado.

Atmosphere: Stylish




Interesting facts: You can get some drinks and tapas at the bar, go with a formal dining experience or buy some fresh bread at the bakery of Cicciolina.

Average Price: $10-20

Kitchen: International and Peruvian dishes

Best time to eat: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Reservation: Make a reservation for dinner at least a couple days in advance.

Try this: Duck prosciutto or trout ceviche; Alpaca fillet with Andean wild pesto and colorful potatoes; Scallops in a dark ginger, honey, sesame sauce.

Atmosphere: Modern


Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse

Uchu Steakhouse

Interesting facts: It has a classy ambience and it’s famous for the different meat dishes, such as delicious Alpaca Steak.

Average Price: $12-22

Kitchen: Peruvian, Latin American, Steakhouse

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not necessary.

Try this: Alpaca steak, Causa de alpaca, Mango & Avocado salad.

Atmosphere: Classy


Chia Vegan Kitchen

Chia Vegan Kitchen

Interesting facts: Famous for their fresh smoothies & organic coffee.

Average Price: $4-7

Kitchen: Pizza, Soups, South American, Vegan dishes

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not necessary.

Try this: Quinoa Burger; Chicharron Vegan Sandwich; Avocado Mousse Pie.

Atmosphere: Cozy


Green Point Vegan Restaurant

Green Point

Interesting facts: You can sign up for a cooking class where you will learn some of their recipes. Definitely try their self brewed Kombucha – it’s delicious!

Average Price: $7-12

Kitchen: Vegan

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not necessary.

Try this: Tacu Tacu or Pad Thai.

Atmosphere: Casual


Nuna Raymi

Nuna Raymi

Interesting facts: They work with local companies and help out local communities in Cusco.

Average Price: $9-15

Kitchen: Peruvian

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not necessary.

Try this: Seco de Cordero Norteño from grandmother Maria; Alpaca and Tagliatelle Abancay style with 3 cheeses

Atmosphere: Cozy & warm


La Bodega 138

La bodega

Interesting facts: Restaurant run by a family who used to live in the same building.

Average Price: $7-15

Kitchen: Italian

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not necessary.

Try this: Pizza La Bodega 138 (made in a clay oven), Pasta La de Huancash.

Atmosphere: Cozy



hamburger with fries, egg, bacon

Interesting facts: Enjoy your food with a view over Plaza de Armas. The restaurant is owned by famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio.

Average Price: $9-13

Kitchen: American, Brew / Pub, Peruvian

Best time to eat: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Reservation: No reservation needed.

Try this: Miraflorina Burger or La Porteña Burger with Onion rings and local crafted IPA.

Atmosphere: Sports Bar

Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Cusco

While you are in Cusco, there is so much more than just exploring the different historical sites and enjoying the unforgettable treks. If you want to, you can make every restaurant visit in Cusco an experience, without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

There are many different restaurants to choose from and in our list you can find some of the most delicious ones regarding the variety and quality of food.

The good thing is that in Cusco everything is within walking distance, so you will be able to try out different restaurants if you want to. Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • 17 September, 2023 at 11:02 am

    we went to the steakhouse and i have to say that i had one of the best steaks in my life. sure, alpacas are cute but they are also super tasty and the place is a must-visit!

    • 20 September, 2023 at 4:57 am

      Hi Paul,
      thanks a lot for your comment. I agree with you and this place is really nice and the atmosphere is super cozy.


  • 17 November, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    Loved your recommendations and wanted to thank you guys again for everything. We had our last dinner at Pachapapa (cuy) and it was a great experience! Take care, Mel

    • 17 November, 2021 at 6:25 pm

      Hey Mel, glad you like the restaurant recommendations! Have a safe trip home 🙂

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