10 Awesome Things You Can Do in Huacachina

10 Awesome Things You Can Do in Huacachina

Located just 4 hours south of Lima, Huacachina is a tiny village that is also known as the only desert oasis in Peru (and in the whole of South America).

The oasis is built around a small lagoon that – according to local legends – has healing powers. Huacachina, however, is most famous for its adventurous dune activities and beautiful sunsets.

If you are traveling across Peru, Huacachina should be on your itinerary. Let’s look at 10 unforgettable activities in Huacachina.

10 Awesome Things You Can Do in Huacachina:

Dune Buggy Tour


If you’re looking to make adventure memories filled with adrenaline, going on a dune buggy tour across the stunning Huacachina area is an excellent option.

Dune buggy rides are among the most popular experiences in Huacachina. Blasting over the sand dunes of the oasis, these buggies are a fun way to see and explore the area’s unique, natural terrains.

The tours last about 2 hours and go up and down the dunes at a fast speed. Dune buggy tours offer the chance to try the adventurous sport of sandboarding during the second half of the tour.

Thrill-seekers can go on a dune buggy adventure by joining our Huacachina tour from Lima. Each ride includes an experienced guide/driver and safety instructions.



sandboarding huacachina

Looking to pack in even more adventure? After the sand buggy takes you up one of the dunes, glide down a sandboard.

While it might seem surprising, sandboarding in Peru is becoming increasingly popular. The sand dunes at Huacachina are the highest and most popular, but there are smaller hills and lesser-known gems around Lima where you can enjoy this sport, as well.

Sandboarding works similar to snowboarding, except practiced on sand dunes. While you can sandboard standing up, most operators recommend sledding down on your stomach to avoid injury, especially if you don’t have much previous experience.


Tour through Hacienda Caravedo

entrance hacienda caravedo with plants

Peru’s national alcoholic beverage is Pisco – a type of brandy distilled from fermented grape juice. If you’re curious to learn how it’s made, you can visit the Hacienda Caravedo, South America’s oldest continuously operating distillery.  

During the tour, you’ll get to see the different types of grapes that grow there and learn more about the history and process of making traditional Pisco. At the end of the tour, you will also have the chance to sample, as well as purchase, different types of locally produced Pisco.


Rent a Paddle Boat

boat at huacachina oasis

Renting a paddle boat is a magical, tranquil way to explore Huacachina. You get to see the town from a different perspective and, as an added bonus, take beautiful shots of the lagoon, the oasis, and the surrounding dunes.

Paddle boats, as well as canoes, can be found and rented at the lagoon’s shore.


Hike the Dunes

sand dune in huacachina

Although the Huacachina sand dunes are the highest in the region, walking all the way up is well worth it.

At the oasis, you’ll see different paths and, most likely, other hikers making their way up different dunes. Simply pick one and head up to soak in the views and gaze at the dune buggies from afar.

Tip: For the best views, and the best Instagram shots, hike up the dunes right before sunset. At the top, you’ll get some of the most romantic and unforgettable scenery in the area.


Party in an Oasis

huacachina at night

Despite its small size, Huacachina is a great destination for those looking for the perfect mix of adventure and party.

The weekends are the liveliest and there is an array of bars, nightclubs, and party hostels where you can grab a drink, meet locals and other travelers, and have fun. On most days, you’ll find plenty of pool parties, too.


Enjoy Dinner in the Desert

restaurant in huacachina

While you won’t find world-renowned restaurants like in Lima or Cusco, there are still plenty of affordable restaurants and bars lining the boardwalk around the oasis. Along with Pisco, ceviche and any dish with fresh or grilled fish is a good option that is sure to bring in wonderful flavors.

Although it might not be the most exciting thing to do in Huacachina, enjoying a meal in the desert is a great way to unwind after an adventure-filled day, relax under the palms, and enjoy the views of the lagoon and the surrounding dunes. For panoramic views, you can also go up to a rooftop bar.



pool at ecocamp huacachina

For such a small place, Huacachina has a lot to offer, including luxurious camping (glamping) in the middle of the desert.

The most popular glamping-style accommodation is Ecocamp Huacachina. The camping offers guests tents with double beds, shared bathrooms, and a big outdoor pool.

If you prefer a hotel or hostel accommodation for your trip to Huacachina, check out some of the best places to stay in Peru and pick the right fit for you.

Islas Ballestas Tour

ballestas islands

The Ballestas Islands, or the Islas Ballestas, is a group of small islands near the coastal town of Paracas.

Often called the Peruvian Galapagos, the Islas Ballestas are home to a number of different bird species, as well as amazing marine wildlife such as sea lions and Humboldt penguins.

Going on a guided tour allows you to get as close to the wildlife as possible without disturbing their natural habitats. Most tours take around an hour and include a guide who will tell you all about the history of the islands and their importance to Peru.

The tour boats wind through and circle around the islands, allowing you to take pictures and appreciate the scenery. Before you head out to Paracas, it is good to know that you are not allowed onto the islands themselves.

As part of our exciting Huacachina day tour, we offer a tour of a local vineyard (where you can taste pisco). If you’re more interested in getting closer to the wildlife of the islands, however, you can swap the winery tour for a visit to the Ballestas Islands.


Paracas National Reserve

paracas national reserve

The Paracas National Reserve is a protected natural area best known for its marine wildlife, impressive shoreline, and interesting rock formations. It spans the Paracas Peninsula and offers breathtaking views of the deep blue Pacific Ocean and the vast desert around Huacachina.

At the Reserve, you will also find a museum where you can learn more about the animals inhabiting the area and the impact that we have on the water around Paracas.

The Paracas Reserve is located 4 hours away from Lima. It is well worth a visit and easily combined with other highlights in the area such as Islas Ballestas and Huacachina.

During our 2-day Paracas and Huacachina tour, you can explore the Reserve and the Islas Ballestas, as well as visit a Pisco winery and Huacachina.


Ready to Explore the Sand Dunes of Huacachina?

Huacachina’s unique, adventure-filled activities draw people from all over the world to include this tiny oasis in their Peru itinerary. If you’re curious to learn more about the only desert oasis in South America, check out our 2022 Huacachina Oasis Guide.

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    Lima, Huacachina, Nazca, Paracas del 15 Junio a partir de la tarde hasta el 18 de Junio

  • 7 June, 2022 at 11:20 am

    Great recommendations and I’ll try different a few of them. How many days should we stay in Huacachina? For your info, we’re for approximately 5-8 days in Peru!

    • 7 June, 2022 at 12:40 pm

      Hello Zach!
      Awesome, let us know which activity you have liked the most! If you are staying for only 5-8 days in Peru then I wouldn’t recommend you to spend a night in Huacachina. The best is to spend an entire day there and return in the evening/at night so that you have more time in Cusco where most of your adventures will take place. Let me know if you need any further information or tips.

    • 16 August, 2022 at 10:04 am

      Hey Zach,
      you are more than welcome. If you are only staying for 5-8 days in Peru than I wouldn’t recommend booking a hotel in Huacachina. We start our private guided tour to Huacachina at 7am in the morning and you will return at around 11pm. Therefore it’s more than enough time to discover the beautiful Hacienda for a local pisco tasting and then enjoy the incredible Huacachina oasis.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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