Tour in Tambopata: 4D/3N Bird Watching + Jungle Tour + Fruit Garden


Como funciona exploor

Como funciona exploor

City: Tambopata, Jungle // Activities: Bird watching, cayman tour, archery, jungle tour //

The Peruvian jungle welcomes you with an incredible tour in Tambopata that is packed with amazing experiences. You will visit beautiful places and contemplate the beauty that Peru hides. Besides, each place you visit, you will see the great variety of fauna that there is in the Peruvian jungle. You will observe different kinds of native animals from the area and also find out more about local customs. You will not only be an observer but also you can actively take part in activities full of adrenaline that will bring out your adventurous spirit. Fun, wonderful landscapes, fantastic animals and much more awaits you in this unforgettable adventure. 

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The experience starts when the operator picks you up from the airport in Puerto Maldonado to transfer you to his office, which is only 5 minutes away. There you can leave your luggage in a safe place and you will have between 15-20 minutes to pack the necessary things for your tour. Once you are ready, you will travel for around 45 minutes by bus or car to arrive in the native community “Infierno”, where you will board a motorized boat to go through the warm and calm waters of the Tambopata River.

The journey on the boat will be about 30 minutes and during the route you will have lunch, that will be cooked by the chef of the lodge. After this refreshing tour, you will arrive at the lodge, where you will be welcomed by the lodge manager. Then, you will be assigned to your respective room and the guide will explain to you what activities are waiting for you in the jungle.

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This is a unique and fun activity as one of the guides will transfer you to the tower so that you can find and identify birds and other jungle animals. Besides, while you are visiting different platforms of the tower, the guide will be talking about the different levels of the forest. Once you got to the highest level, you will be surrounded by 30-meter trees. This is definitely a perfect place to see the birds that live in the tallest jungle canopy. Also, you can see close up the different colors of the macaws, parrots, toucans, trogons, tanagers, jacamars, woodpeckers, and other wild jungle animals.



After dinner, you will sail around the river banks looking for caimans. You can locate them easily with your flashlights, and with some luck, you will also see some nocturnal animals. You will enjoy this activity surrounded by the amazing and magic nature for around 1 hour.




After enjoying a tasty breakfast, you will sail for approximately 15 minutes to get to a hiding place, where you will see a clayey ravine formed by the river erosion. There, every morning, different kind of parrots, parakeets and other bird species get together to perform their fluttering ceremony before starting the “collpeo”. “Collpeo” takes between 20-25 minutes and consists in swallowing clay particles from the clay lick, many people believe that these particles are used for detoxifying the bird fruit diet.

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You will continue your experience traveling 30 minutes on a boat and hiking for almost 2 km until getting to the Tres Chimbadas lake bank. Arriving at the destination, you will find a catamaran that will transport you during the trip along the lake. There you will be surrounded by beautiful aguaje palm trees and have a stunning view of the lake. With any luck, you will be able to observe a great variety of wild fauna like hoatzins, black caimans, monkeys, and macaws. You will also have the opportunity to observe a family of river giant otters (Pteronoura brasilienses), an endangered species. The experience is adjacent to the Tambopata Reserve.

Returning from this activity, you will pass through the parrot clay lick, having the opportunity to see macaws “collpeando” once again. At the end of the tour, you will go back to the lodge, where you will enjoy a delicious snack and have time to relax contemplating the landscape from your room. This activity lasts approximately 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on how interesting the day and fauna are. 



After lunch, you will continue your tour, going through the botanical garden located close to the lodge. There, you will find the ethnobotanical guide who will share his knowledge about preparing natural medicines. Nowadays many people keep using medicinal plants like “Ayahuasca”, “Chacruna”, ”Para Para”, “Chuchuhuasi”, ”Uña de Gato”, “Ajo Sacha”, etc. These plants are used and prepared by locals especially to heal some illnesses like rheumatism, flu, malaria, diabetes, fever, gastritis, cough, anemia, etc. This activity lasts about 1.5 hours.



To start this activity, the guide will explain to you how the ancient "Ese Ejas" made and used the bow and arrow to hunt some local animals in order to supply food to their family. To do this activity, you will walk for approximately 30 minutes through a by-path that is close to the lodge. Arriving at the place, you will be able to practice this fun activity, where it is necessary to be very focused as you have to ensure that the arrow hits the target. You will be doing archery between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of people that attend the activity.



At night, after having dinner, you will have a trek through one of the lodge's by-path to look for insects, amphibians, tarantulas, bats and nocturnal birds. During the trek, you will also hear different animal sounds, including the leaves fall, which make your trek even more interesting. With any luck, you will also see armadillos and nocturnal monkeys.

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After having had breakfast, you will walk for around 2 hours to reach the hidden observation place. During the route, the guide will be explaining some insights about plant species. Once you got to the place, you will wait for around 30-45 minutes to see any animal activity. This clay lick is visited by the white-lipped peccaries, collared peccaries, deer, agoutis, squirrels, and tapirs. As opposed to the parrots, the mammals get together to swallow clay at any moment of the day or the night. Therefore, they are quite difficult to see, unless you sit there for 24 hours. Afterwards, you will return to the lodge to enjoy a tasty snack.



Continuing with the tours in Puerto Maldonado, you will take a trip on a motorized boat to visit the Flores' family farm. They are members of the Infierno native community that has developed a traditional and sustainable agriculture. There, you will learn about different typical plant species of the region like cocona, sacha papa, dale-dale, manioc, caimito, pineapple, soursop, zapote, pacay, guava, banana, passion fruit, among others that you will see from the entry of this community local farm. After this fantastic experience, you will have lunch. The tour around the farm lasts approximately 2 hours.


DAY 4:

After having breakfast at the lodge, you will go to Puerto Nuevo to head to the operator's office. Subsequently, you will go to the airport to fly to your next destination.


  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Accommodation

 Not Included:

  • Entry to the Tambopata National Reserve (Cocococha Lake)
  • Flights
  • Fizzy drinks


  • Coordinate with the provider


  •  4 days and 3 nights


  • Bring light clothing (long-sleeved T-shirts and cotton pants), sneakers, hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Bring insect repellent
  • Bring Rain poncho or raincoat and a small backpack
  • Bring flashlight (rechargeable or with batteries), camera and binoculars (optional)

 Terms of Reservation:

  • Minimum 30 days before 

 Terms of Cancelation:

  • If you cancel the tour before 30 days the tour day, you will be refunded with 20% less, because of fees, bank and administrative charges.
  • If you cancel within 30 days before the tour day, you will be invoiced the full rate. These cancellations will be considered as no show.


  • The itineraries are subject to change.
  • The travel schedule may vary due to weather conditions.

 Information about the Local Provider:

We only select the best tour operators whose services comply with our security standards, good equipment and a fair price for every destination.

After having made the purchase you receive an e-mail with the complete contact information of the local tour operator.

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