3-Day Tour in Iquitos: Get to Know the Amazon River & See Pink Dolphins

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City: Iquitos, Jungle // Activities: Amazon jungle trek, bird watching, boat tour, fishing //

Welcome to an unforgettable tour in the Amazon jungle of Iquitos! An intense blue in the sky, a hidden sound that slowly wraps you, a familiar smell of freedom, a warming sensation emanating from your skin. Although it may sound like a song, there is such a place: the amazon rainforest. Come to Iquitos and dare to live an adventure in the nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city; with boat rides throughout the Amazon River that will delight your senses and renew your spirit. Get in touch with the city and its colors, explore its protected reserves and immerse yourself in the local flavors while tasting exotic jungle beverages. Don’t spend much time thinking about it, put on your sunglasses and grab your suitcase because with this Iquitos Amazon tour fun is guaranteed.


You will be welcomed by lodge agents at the Iquitos International airport baggage area (please arrive before 9:00 am) that will assist and guide you to the administrative office in Iquitos, where you can store your luggage safely. You will receive a short introduction of the tour, what to avoid doing in the Amazon jungle, as well as some important tips. Afterwards, you will be heading to the port of Iquitos, from where you will take a boat through the Amazon River. During the ride, you will see the convergence of the Amazon River (brown water) with the Nanay river (dark water) and you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of the Amazon rainforest that hosts little rural houses along the river banks.

After a while, you will make a little stop at the Monkey Island (in dry season you will visit the "Fundo Pedrito", where you can see the Victoria Regia plant, alligators, turtles etc.), on which endangered species of monkeys of the Peruvian jungle are protected and preserved. Watch the various monkey species living in complete freedom in a reserve without any cages.

Photo jungle trek amazon river iquitos peru exploor

Afterwards, you will continue the ride for around 60 minutes. Once you arrive at the lodge, the staff will greet and receive you with a refreshing regional fruit juice. Then, the check-in will be done, and you will be taken to your room so you can relax a little. Afterwards, you will be led to the restaurant of the lodge so you can enjoy your first meal during the Amazon tour in Iquitos.

In the afternoon, the first Amazon tour will start along with experienced guides walking through the Yanamono Reserve for almost 2 hours. There, you will be able to identify diverse fauna species, such as Helicona flowers, medicinal plants and giant trees. On the way, you can see different bird species and with a lot of luck you are likely to see some families of little monkeys.

Afterwards, you will go back to the lodge so you can rest before seeing your first sunset in the Amazon rainforest. When night falls, especially in the flooding river season, you will enjoy a magical open boat tour through one of the Amazon River’s tributaries, with no lighting, only with some beams from flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle. If there is a clear sky, you will see the wonderful moonlight, as well as the stars. You will return to the lodge for dinner and rest afterwards.

Day 2 of the Amazon tour will initiate very early with a boat ride to one of the canyons, where various bird species can be seen. After returning to the lodge and having breakfast, you will visit a riverside village of an indigenous tribe of the Yaguas community. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their lifestyle, their customs and their traditions. Are you ready for a local dance with them? In the afternoon, you will be part of an artisanal fishing expedition. During this experience, you will learn about artisanal fishing techniques and about piranha hunting. If the expedition is a success, you will have the opportunity to watch the unique pink dolphins. Then, you will go back to the lodge to enjoy a typical regional lunch.

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In the evening, you will walk through nature within the perimeters of the lodge and witness the charming transformation of the jungle to a nocturnal environment. While adapting to the dark environment of the jungle, you will appreciate how nature adopts a different character and you can observe the different habits of the nocturnal animals of the jungle. This is the best time to observe frogs, timid snakes and other creatures that only move during the night. You will be able to differentiate a completely different range of fauna from what is usually found during the day, listening to the magical sounds of insects, birds, cats and owls. After around 30 minutes, you will return to the lodge to enjoy dinner and rest pleasantly.

On the third and last day, you will enjoy an excellent breakfast before taking the boat to the lagoon in Yanamono Island, where the majestic Victoria Regia, the queen of water lilies, can be seen. Nowadays known as Victoria Regia, this shallow water native flower of the Amazon River’s basin grows mostly in lakes and wetland and can grow as much as 40 cm in diameter and is pollinated by beetles. The Victoria Regia flower is well known by its immense circular leaf. Usually, it is shown with a little child sitting in the center of its leaf with the purpose of seeing its magnitude and strength.
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Afterwards, you will return to the lodge for the farewell lunch, check out and then head to Iquitos. According to your return flight scheduled to Lima, you will be taken to the airport and you will leave the Amazon rainforest (please book flights for later than 5:30 pm).


  • 2 nights in single or double room at Heliconia Amazon River Lodge 
  • Boat transfer Iquitos - lodge - Iquitos
  • 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners buffet style (fruit juice is included with the meals; drinkable water, tea and coffee is available all day).
  • Monkey island visit
  • Local community visit
  • Amazon jungle tour
  • Boat tour at night
  • Searching for pink dolphins
  • Observation of Victoria Regia
  • Bird watching tour
  • Fishing tour per hand

Note: the order of the activities might vary depending on the weather conditions.

Not Included:

  • Beverages (bottled water, soft drinks and liquor) can be bought at the bar in the lodge
  • Flight tickets Lima - Iquitos - Lima
  • Tips for your guide


  • 3 days & 2 nights
  • Check in: 1:00 pm, Check out: 12:00 am


  • Book your flight to Iquitos in the morning so that you arrive before 9:00 am and for your return flight to Lima in the afternoon later than 5:30 pm. We recommend booking your flight with Latam as their flights tend to be on time for this route.
  • Bring a rain poncho, a windproof jacket a flashlight and binoculars
  • Use insect repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Wear light cotton clothing, half and long-sleeved pants and cotton shirts (preferably in earth colours, quick-dry material; please avoid using white coloured clothes)
  • Moisture resistant sneakers (you will be given rubber boots at the lodge)
  • Bring your swimsuit so you can use the pool in the lodge.
  • There are no additional entrance fees but we recommend to take some coins or 10/20 soles bills on the excursions in case you want to buy souvenirs or give tips to the locals.
  • Passenger luggage is limited to 10 kg p. person. You can store the rest of your luggage in Iquitos in order to take only the most essential things.

NOTE: When visiting the monkey island, it is recommended not to use any insect repellent, sunscreen etc. There are bathrooms you can use to get it off your skin.

 Terms of Reservation:

  • Minimum 3 days before
  • Minimum 2 people

 Terms of Cancellation:

  • If you cancel 15 days before arriving, there won't be a cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 14 and 5 days before arriving, you will receive a refund of 60%.
  • If you cancel less than 5 days before arriving, there will not be any refunds.


  • You will be awaited at the airport counter number 5 at the baggage claim area. Someone from the team will call your name once you enter the airport (no worries, the airport is tiny).
  • There's no wifi available in the lodge, but you will have electricity in the morning, at noon and at night. During these hours, you can turn on the fan in your room, charge your devices etc.
  • Please let us know in advance in case you are vegetarian, vegan or if you have any food allergies.
  • The activities of the itinerary can vary depending on the arrivals and departures of the flights and also on the weather conditions.
  • The transfer from Iquitos to the harbour, from where you take the boat to the lodge, is at 10:00 am. The transfer from the lodge back to Iquitos is at 2:00 pm (both subject to changes due to flight schedules).
  • It is recommended to organise a backpack/ small suitcase with all the necessary belongings for your time in the Amazon in advance. Before taking the boat to the lodge, we will make a quick stop at the administrative office in Iquitos where the rest of your luggage can be stored safely.


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