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Como funciona exploor

Como funciona exploor

City: Chorrillos (Lima), Coast // Activities: Fishing, boat tour // 

Did you know that Lima is located at one of the most fertile oceans on earth? If you are in Lima City take the great opportunity to go out fishing! You have never done it before? Don’t worry, you will be taught how to do it. It is fun, active and adventurous! Of course you will end up getting your hands dirty but you will have a lot of fun with the local fishermen.

Validity: Buy TODAY and you have up to 5 months to reserve the experience.

Contact us to check the availability of the tour before buying.


  • For 1 person
  • Private transport both ways (only if the departure is in Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro or in the center of Lima)
  • Professional guide in Spanish and English
  • Boat and local fishermen
  • All entrance tickets


  • 3 hours


  • Departures: 9:00 am (Monday to Saturday)


  • Bring comfortable clothes, sunglasses, hat, water, camera, a battery for your camera, sunscreen

 Terms of Reservation:

  • Minimum 2 days before
  • Minimum 2 people

 Terms of Cancelation:

  • 100% refund for cancellations more than 2 days before the date of the experience
  • No refund for cancellations less than 2 days before the experience


  • This is a private class, never more than 3 people.
  • The cost is 50% more during holidays on the following dates: 1.01, 1.05, 25.12
  • The experience will not be available on the following dates: 22.02, 19.03, 22.03, 23.03, 24.03, 25.03, 28.07, 29.07, 28.08, 29.08, 24.12 & 25.12 (both not available in the afternoon)

 Information about the Local Guides:

We only select the best guides whose services comply with our security standards, good equipment and a fair price for every destination.

After having made the purchase you receive an e-mail with the complete contact information of the local guide.




"My goal after every tour is to make you feel like a little part of you became Peruvian, because Peru is for everyone!"

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