3 Days in Cusco: Alternative Rainbow Mountain Tour + Humantay Lake Tour + Ananiso Canyon

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City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking to the Rainbow Mountains, Humantay Lake & Ananiso Canyon //

You will visit the Rainbow Mountains, the Humantay lake, and the Ananiso Canyon. Have you ever heard of these destinations before? Come and get to know them together with your tour guide Roger and to fall in love with Cusco's unique nature! This is not the common trekking tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain that you have probably heard of before and where you will be with hundreds of other tourists fighting to get the best photo with no people on it. The alternative Rainbow Mountain tour allows you not only to see "one" Rainbow Mountain but numerous, you will not hike 3 hours but only about 45 minutes to 1 hour and, most likely, you will not see any other large tourist groups around meaning you have the entire landscape almost for yourself. You will also get to know the Humantay lake, one of Peru's most impressive lakes at 4200 m with crystal-clear water. Within a single hour of walking, you will discover incredible places that are totally worth the trekking effort. You will walk along the Salkantay trek and the sacred mountain, the second highest mountain in Cusco. Apart from that, you will be one of the first travelers in contemplating the impressive beauty of the Ananiso Canyon. This is a great opportunity to get to know a local community and how they live high up in the Andean mountains.

Difficulty of treks: easy-medium

Note: Minimum 2 people. 




*the following itinerary is just exemplary; you're free to choose the order of the activities/tours.

This Experience Normal Rainbow Mountain
Mountain Palccoyo (3 Rainbow Mountains) Vinicunca (1 large mountain)
Daily Tourists 200-300 800-1000
Hike Duration 45-60 minutes 3-4 hours
Schedule 5am - 5.30pm 4am - 5.30pm
Time on top 2 hours 40 minutes
Guide The best possible Professional
Group Size 2-10 15-20
Participants ES/EN (%) 5/95 70/30
Transport with Small to large van Large van to bus
Known since 2017 2015


Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel in Cusco at 5:00 am for the alternative Rainbow Mountain trip in a private bus. After a 3-hour shuttle drive to the Ananiso community, passing traditional villages with amazing views of the Andes, valleys, and mountains, you will reach the starting point, which is at 4.300 m. Now, it's time to get acquainted with your fellow travelers and stretch your legs while receiving important information from your guide about the hike.

Alternative Rainbow Mountain Tour exploor peru
Afterwards, you start to hike along a small path through the Palomino Valley with some lovely views over some beautiful rock formations. At 4.900 m, you will explore the area and you will be able to spot much Andean wildlife such as alpacas, llamas, condors (Vulture gryphus) and the rarely seen vicuña (wild llama family).
Upon your arrival at the Rainbow Mountain, you will have a great view over the entire region and also of the Ausangate Glacier, which is 6375 m high (21,000ft.). After a well-deserved break and some energizing snacks, you will have enough time to take some photos and breathe the fresh air of the Andes. You will spend about 2 hours at the summit, depending on the weather conditions. Then, you will begin the descent of aprox. 30 minutes to the starting point, where the driver will be waiting for you. After this outstanding day of touring, you will return back to Cusco, in a private bus, getting back at your hotel around 5:30 pm.


Others With us
Arrival With other groups Be the first one up there
Guide Professional The best possible
Participants ES/EN (%) 70/30 5/95
Transport with Large van to bus Small to large van


At 4:00 am in the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco. Then, you will be on the road for around 3.5 hours. During the trip by bus, you can see the beautiful landscapes, typical villages of the Andes, amazing mountains, valleys and crop fields. You will stop in the colonial town of Mollepata for breakfast.

Afterwards, you will start the hiking tour from Soraypampa (3800 m), which is aprox. 2 hours away from the lake. On the way to the Humantay lagoon, you will see the snow-capped Salkantay (6375 m), the Humantay mountain (5835 m), inter-Andean valleys surrounded by mountains and the unique flora and fauna of the Andes. Reaching the highest point of 4200 m (Humantay Lagoon), you will have enough time to explore the surroundings and to take some photos. Then, you will descend 1 hour to take the bus and to return to Molletpata, where a delicious lunch awaits you. Afterwards, you will return to Cusco so that you arrive at approximately 6:00 pm. 


At 5:00 am you will be picked up at your hotel in Cusco. Then, you will be on the road for approximately 2 hours until arriving in Pitumarca, where you will make a stop to have some breakfast. You will continue your trip through the Ausangate valley, passing several traditional towns. On the way, you will see amazing landscapes and mountains surrounding this valley that extends to the starting point “Cruz Cuna” or the first viewpoint of Ananiso canyon.

Ananiso Canyon peru exploor

Afterwards, you will walk along the canyon for about 2 hours until getting to the temple with cave paintings. At the exit of the canyon, you will find alpacas and llamas. Once you get to the town of Ananiso, there will be a typical dish made of local ecological products, such as alpaca meat or fresh trout served with native organic potatoes, waiting for you. Afterwards, you will visit the Waraq Pata viewpoint, from where you can see the entire Ananiso canyon. On your way back to Cusco, you will make a stop at the viewpoint Chihuita Kunka to see the snowy Ausangate mountains. You will get back to Cusco at 6:00 pm. 


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Alternative Rainbow Mountain tour:

  • Private transport from and to your hotel in Cusco 
  • Fluent English/ Spanish speaking indigenous guide(s) 
  • Small snack having arrived at the summit (Coca- or Muña tea and fresh bread)
  • Breakfast (quinoa drink, tea, coffee, bread, omelets, pancakes)
  • Lunch 
  • Oxygen and first-aid kit
  • Communication radios

Humantay Lake tour:

  • Round trip transportation: Cusco - Soraypampa - Cusco
  • Fluent English/ Spanish speaking indigenous guide(s) 
  • Hotel pick-up from all hotels close to the Plaza de Armas
  • Visit of the Humantay lake
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Oxygen and first-aid kit

Ananiso Canyon tour:

  • Private round-trip transport
  • 1 breakfast and 1 lunch
  • Professional, bilingual local guide
  • First-aid kit

 Not Included:

  • Entrance for the alternative Rainbow Mountain tour (S/. 5 for Peruvians, S/. 10 for foreigners) or the Humantay Lake tour (cost: S/.10 per person)
  • Pick up from hotels outside of Cusco
  • Accommodation at night
  • Drinks


  • Alternative Rainbow Mountain tour: 5:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Humantay Lake tour: 4:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Ananiso Canyon tour: 5:00 am - 6:30 pm


  • Three 1-day trips


  • Use a small trekking backpack, a hat, gloves and a rain cape
  • Camera and binoculars 
  • Take your sunglasses and sunscreen with you
  • Bring water and snacks

 Terms of Reservation:

  • Minimum 1 day before

 Terms of Cancellation:

  • If you cancel up to 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 100% refund.
  • If you cancel less than 3 days before the start of the tour, you'll receive a 50% refund.


  • The operator is not liable in case of delayed flights, inconvenience with train schedules, or bad weather, such as rains, snowfall, landslides, etc.

     Information about the Local Guides:

    We only select the best guides whose services comply with our security standards, good equipment and a fair price for every destination.

    After having made the purchase you receive an e-mail with the complete contact information of the local guide.


    "With all the experience gathered, I can confidently say that I will make sure you have a great time discovering Cusco with me, a truly local guide!"

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