FAQ for Tour Operators

What does Exploor do for me?

With a passionate, young and creative team, we offer you the support to increase your reputation and your sales by promoting your tours and activities on our online platform www.exploor.pe and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube). We want you to focus on your profession, your passion and your service, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to promote your service.


Are there fixed costs for me?

There are no fixed costs. We only charge a commission for every sale done via our platform. The idea is to grow hand-in-hand with you.


How does the process work?

Check an infografic here

1. The final user buys on our website and we receive their payment. We will notify you about the purchase via email sending you the code of the sale and the name of the final customer.
2. We pay you every second and every last week of the month.
3. The customer will get in touch with you to coordinate the preferred date for his experience.
4. The client will participate in your experience on the set date.


How do codes work?

The customer contacts you and gives you his/her code and name. You verify it with your Exploor data, considering the codes and names that we have already sent to you and that are not yet activated. Thus, we ensure that there are no false codes and-/or clients.

Important: Never accept a person that indicates a code we never sent to you. In this case, please contact us by phone at +51 986.079.739.


What do I do if i do not have any availability?

In case you do not operate on specific dates and times, please inform us and we include this information in the respective experience on our webpage, so the potential customer will know about it.

In case you only offer different dates for the activities, for example tours on specific dates, you must also inform us, so we can edit the information of the experience. Availability should be as clear as possible to avoid confusion.


How does Exploor return the payment to the customer?

In case we still are in possession of the customer's payment, there is no reimbursement from the the supplier's side.

In case the payment has already been received, the customer will contact you in case there is a cancellation of an order or of a reservation. You return the entire price; after the reimbursement to the customer, you can send an invoice.


Are there risks for me?

There is no risk for you. We respect your reservation and cancellation policies and we only charge you once we sold something. In the worst case there are 0 sales, but there will be 0 costs and 0 risk for you.


What info do I have to provide for you?

Photos and videos in good resolution and all the crucial information for the final customer (what is included in the activity / tour, duration, availability, reservation and cancellation terms, activity location, requirements, recommendations, itinerary, etc).


What happens if I change my prices or packages?

Please contact info@exploor.pe so that we can update the information and avoid confusion and problems.

In case there is a difference in the price because you forgot to notify us of an update and a customer complains, you will pay the difference, as it is your responsibility that the data and prices on our website are the current ones.


For whom it is? Can I participate?

If you are a company or a person who works independently, we welcome you to collaborate with us and list your products on the website.


Are there conditions to work with you?

Quality. Before collaborating with you we will review the quality of your service, by performing your activity/tour once for free so that we know what the final client will receive and also to make professional photos and videos.

In case we consider that your service does not meet our requirements, we will not be able to collaborate until we see improvements.


When I have a promotion, can I tell you to promote it as well?

Let us know about your promotion or your campaign and we will see how to integrate it. We will let you know if we plan a promotion or campaign with your products in case you would be interested in participating, there are no obligations for you.