Dan Soby Lima Photography Tour Guide




"In 2011, I visited Peru for the first time. I fell deeply in love with the country, so I came back 6 years later to settle here and share my knowledges and passion about Peru."

About me:

Born and raised in France at the border with Switzerland, I've always been in contact with the mountains. Being half Danish/ half French, I've always been interested about cultures and the different ways of living we can meet on our dear earth.  I haves travelled 7 months through South America, 7 months through Asia and I studied 3 years at a Photography School in Lyon.


The contact with people might be my favorite thing that life has to offer. Sharing thoughts and knowledge, stories and passions...Is there any better way of learning than sharing? As a professional photographer, emotions are very important in the final picture. And those emotions can't be played, they have to be real. If you can't make people talk with their heart, you can't get a nice picture. So here I am, in Peru, happy to guide you through this amazing country, in the best way possible. Because Peru isn't just about Machu Picchu, there is much more to see. Off the beaten paths is my way of travelling. 


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