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About exploor


At Exploor, we seek to connect our clients to local experts and tour operators so they can live amazing experiences and feel pure emotions. Just like you, we are passionate about adventure, we care about nature and we love to learn from other cultures (especially when it comes to food, which is amazing in Peru by the way). Therefore, we pay close attention when looking for whom we feature on our website. Applying a strict selection filter, we are aiming to guarantee that all of the experiences listed on our platform are high-quality activities or tours. This means that, just as tireless travelers, we care a lot about security and trust, so it is our priority to make sure that our operators that are duly registered and constituted as formal companies in Peru. Passion for what they are doing is great (and definitely an inevitable requirement to work with us), but the necessary permits and a high level of experience is just as important so that you can feel you’re in good hands.

Our team, headed by Oliver, Erik and Alexis, will be on your side to make your next trip unforgettable. We help you discover the most emblematic places in Peru, where you will have the opportunity to live new experiences in a unique way. 4 hard-working guys with one vision: to become the leader in Latin America with an amazing portfolio of hand-picked and unique experiences.


We always seek to innovate and we love to learn (especially about what you think of our and our operators’ service) so we can continue to grow hand in hand with our community of Exploorers.


Our Story:

The story of Exploor begins with Oliver and Erik, two German exchange students who came to Peru to complement their studies at the Universidad del Pacífico. Having been in love with adventure, nature and travel all their life, they did not have to think twice about combining their studies with travelling this mysterious country. They soon learned about the immense variety Peru offers, as they had to decide whether they want to discover the jungle, trek through beautiful mountain landscapes or just relax at the beach and enjoy a Corona. What did they end up doing? All of it! More than that, once they realised that there was a need for a reliable platform where you wouldn’t be ripped off and where you actually receive a good service, they decided to found exploor.


                         Erik and Oliver with locals in Cusco. 

Their determination made them stay in Peru and continue discovering more impressive places. Fast forwarding 3 months they met a Peruvian with an entrepreneurial mindset who felt the need to improve something in the domestic travel industry. At first, he was not convinced with the idea, which was a bit new for South America, but after seeing great progress they were making together, he decided to be part of the team in order to help promote the national tourism to travelers who, just like him, love to explore. In just a matter of weeks he got fully incorporated into this great adventure, and worked just as passionately as the other two.


The last person to accompany us on our mission was Alexis, starting out as a volunteer with a positive attitude, a crazy work ethic and some serious analytical skills. He also loves travelling and stepping out of his comfort zone to live new experiences. His performance surprised the group, so that it was just a matter of time after he as well became part of #TeamExploor.


                         Alexis swimming with sea lions in Lima.

This is the small story of how Exploor was born. Our passion for travel, adventure and doing things well is what motivates us every day to work for you, our community of Explorers. We wish you a great time in Peru and remember to always “feel free”!


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