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Sandboarding is a one of the top things to do in Lima and in Ica if you are looking for adventures activities. How does it work? It's like snowboarding with the difference that instead of boarding on a mountain with snow you board down sand dunes. If you are in Lima and don't have too much time the Sandboarding and off-road jeep tour is the perfect experience for you allowing you to practice sand boarding in Lima and adding some additional adrenaline with a jeep tour over Peru's sand dunes.

Sandboarding and Off-Road Jeep Tour in the Dunes of Lima
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: Sandboarding, Off-road jeep tour in the dunes of Lima//  Sandboarding in Peru is a very special and adrenaline-rich adventure sport....
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Explore Paracas' Desert with a Dune Buggy Tour and Sandboarding
City: Ica, Coast // Activities: Dune buggy ride, sandboarding // Ready for two of the best things to do in Paracas? Experience the adrenaline...