The best of flora and fauna in the Peruvian jungle.

With a fauna and flora of thousands of flowers and animals the Peruvian jungle has a lot to offer. Ecotourism and adventure trips in cities such as Iquitos, Tarapoto and more and waiting for you. Ready to get to know the Peruvian jungle?

3-Day Tour in Iquitos: Get to Know the Amazon River & See Pink Dolphins
City: Iquitos, Jungle // Activities: Amazon jungle trek, bird watching, boat tour, fishing //  Why you'll love this experience:  Share romantic moments...
$375.00 $425.00
4 Days in Iquitos: Experience the Peruvian Jungle and Visit a Native Community
City: Iquitos, Jungle // Activities: Trekking, boat tour, bird watching, fishing //  Why you'll love this experience:  Share romantic moments on the...