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Each year many travelers from all over the world are coming to Cusco to visit the famous Machu Picchu or to enjoy the beautiful Andean nature and mountain landscape.

Apart from visiting incredible landscapes and archaeological sights, you should use your chance to get to know the best restaurants in Cusco and enjoy the city’s multifaceted kitchen!

Therefore, we prepared a small and exclusive selection for you with our favorite restaurants in Cusco.


Plaza de Armas at night Cusco


What to eat in Cusco?  

  • Guinea Pig (Cuy)
  • Papa Rellena
  • Lomo Saltado
  • Quinoa Soup
  • Alpaca Steak  
  • Falafel Burger
  • Sweet Potato Ravioli

Below we will explain more about the different dishes in detail. Also, we‘ll give you some specific restaurant recommendations with insights regarding prices, what to eat and much more.


Cuy on a plate with salad


Guinea Pig


Restaurant: Pachapapa (Address)

Interesting facts: Favorite dish of many Cusqueños and it’s served on special dates/occasions.

Average Price: $ 25-30

Kitchen: Peruvian, Latin American, Soups

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Recommendable

Try this: Cuy (Guinea Pig), Aji de Gallina

Atmosphere: Casual


Papa Rellena


Papa Rellena


Restaurant: MAP Cafe (Address)

Interesting facts: You will eat in the court of the art museum.

Average Price: $ 9-13 for appetizer & main dish $ 15-20

Kitchen: Peruvian, Latin American, International  

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Recommendable

Try this: Papa Rellena, Quinoa Cannelloni + Truffle

Atmosphere: Fine dining


Lomo Saltado


Lomo Saltado


Restaurants: La Feria Restaurant (Address); Morena Peruvian Kitchen (Address)

Interesting facts: In the traditional restaurant you will often get rural & hearty food; The Interior is equipped artistically.

Average Price: $ 6-12 ; $ 6-25

Kitchen: Local, Peruvian, Latin American  

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not required but better to have a reservation.

Try this: Traditional Peruvian dishes like Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina, Chupe de Camarones, Cuy Chactado ; Aeropuerto, Lomo Saltado and Tacu Tacu Criollo  

Atmosphere: Relaxed local restaurant; Classy


Quinoa Soup


Quinoa Soup


Restaurant: Mr. Soup (Address); Inkazuela Restaurant (Address)

Interesting facts: The Soup is as a light dish perfect to get used to the altitude and your stomach will be thankful for that; In the restaurant Inkazuela you will enjoy a spectacular view of the churches, monuments and the white christ.

Average Price: $ 8-12; $ 5-15

Kitchen: Different Soups, Latin American, Fusion & Soups  

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Andean potato soup, Quinoa soup, lentils soup, chicken soup and the famous stews  

Atmosphere: Cozy; Casual 


Alpaca Steak


Alpaca Steak


Restaurant: Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse (Address);  Kusikuy (Address)

Interesting facts: Classy ambience and it’s famous for the different meat dishes (like Alpaca Steak); Is famous for the Peruvian speciality - guinea pig (Cuy)  

Average Price: $ 8-19; $ 6-18

Kitchen: Peruvian, Latin American, Steakhouse

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner; Brunch, Lunch & dinner  

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Alpaca Steak, Causa de Alpaca, Leche de Tigre de Maracuja; Alpaca Steak and Risotto, Cuy al Horno or any other Guinea Pig Variation  

Atmosphere: Classy; Casual


Falafel Burger


Falafel Burger


Restaurant: Chia Vegan Kitchen (Address)

Interesting facts: Famous for their fresh smoothies & organic coffee

Average Price: $ 4-7

Kitchen: Pizza, Soups, South American, Vegan Dishes

Best time to eat: Lunch & dinner

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Falafel Burger, Lasagne, Empanadas stuffed with Quinoa  

Atmosphere: Casual


Sweet Potato Ravioli


Sweet Potato Ravioli


Restaurant: Organika (Address)

Interesting facts: The restaurant is using their own natural ingredients planted in their own garden.

Average Price: $ 8-20

Kitchen: Peruvian, South American, Vegan  

Best time to eat: Breakfast, lunch & dinner  

Reservation: Not required

Try this: Quinoa Soup, Quinoa Salad, Sweet potato Ravioli  

Atmosphere: Classy


I hope that these recommendations help you find the best restaurants in Cusco during your stay in Peru. All of these restaurants are the personal favorites of our team members.

We aren’t affiliated to any of the restaurants listed and we don’t get paid for mentioning them.

Did we forget a restaurant or a dish that we should definitely include in our list for Cusco? And in case you are traveling to Lima or Arequipa, you are welcome to check our recommendations so you can enjoy the best restaurants while in Peru.



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Sure many people are at first a little bit shocked when they see the guinea pig… but honestly guys its so delicious! Give it a try when you are already in Peru! Good that I found these restaurant tips.. Thank you!

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