Free WiFi in Peru: Where to Find Free WiFi in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Elsewhere

Free WiFi in Peru: Where to Find Free WiFi in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Elsewhere

Even thoughmany people like to be disconnected from time to time, especially while traveling, it’s always great to have a minute with internet access, especially when it’s free wifi.

Often, it’s necessary when you want to check something, such as what tours to do in Cusco or where to eat in Arequipa. Also, when you want to share an unforgettable moment with family and friends or just to upload that incredible picture of Machu Picchu on Instagram.

Checking for free wifi in Peru is also a great option to help you be independent of expensive travel-roaming internet packages from your mobile operator back home.

Even though many hotels, hostels or Airbnbs offer wifi to their guests, I always had the need to be connected for a few minutes when on the go.

In some Peruvian cities, such as Lima or Arequipa, you can find free wifi spots that can help you in some “Ahh, I need internet”-moments. If you want to avoid these moments at all, you can get a SIM card and go online whenever you want.

This post provides a small list of places with free internet access in Peru and other ideas of how to get connected to local wifi for a while.

Traveler taking photo at Moray

At the rural archaeological sites you won’t have any wifi spots at all.


Where to Get Free WiFi in Peru?

Getting Free WiFi in Lima’s Parks and Public Places

Peru’s capital is full of parks and beautiful places to get amazing photos. Some of them even offer free access to wifi. Here are some spots that are very popular among tourists visiting Lima:

  • The first option is Larcomar. Larcomar is a modern shopping mall located directly at the Malecón in Miraflores with an astonishing view of the oceanside.
  • Just a few blocks away is the John F. Kennedy Park, a central park in Miraflores. You can also find free Wifi access here called Wigo Miraflores.
  • The same holds for the Parque del Amor located next to the light tower at the Malecón and other parks along the oceanside in Miraflores. While walking, make sure to check out the flowers, the pieces of art and the numerous benches to sit down.
  • Further, there are malls, such as the Jockey Plaza, a bit farther away from Miraflores that offer free wifi services as well.

View of Limas coast and buildings

Beautiful views along the Malecón in Miraflores.


Beaches With Free WiFi in Lima

In case you’re planning to explore the beaches of the Costa Verde, such as Estrella or Tres Picos, free wifi will be available. However, you should consider that sometimes the wifi doesn’t work and that it’s often very slow.


How to Get Free Internet Access in Lima

In order to get access to the free wifi in the parks and public places mentioned, the only thing you have to do is create a Wigo account.

Wigo is the public wifi provider in Lima. During the registration process, you’ll be asked for some personal data but you can just insert some random information and you’ll still get internet access. No need to share your personal email and you also don’t have to confirm your account after having registered.


Free WiFi in Cusco

Cusco is unfortunately not the best spot if you’re looking for free wifi, as there are no public spots with free internet access. As Cusco is located at 3400 m (11,155 ft) in the Andean mountains, it’s very likely that there is no service when you’re leaving the city for day tours.

One recommendation I can give you is the Cafeteria Siete & Siete or Limbus Restobar. Both spots have fast wifi and an astonishing view over the city.

Llama in front of cloudy machu picchu

A Llama in front of Machu Picchu, Cusco’s most famous attraction.


Free WiFi in Arequipa

Traveling to Arequipa? Fortunately, the viewpoint Plaza de Yanahuara as well as the central square Plaza de Armas provide free wifi access.

In case you want to get some shopping done, you’ll have limited free wifi access at the Parque Lambramani shopping mall and at the Mall Aventura Plaza. However, there aren’t any public wifi spots available when you leave the city and head towards the famous Colca Canyon.

Plaza de armas arequipa at night and volcano in background

Arequipa is known as Peru’s white city, as most buildings are made out of volcanic sillar.


Free WIFI in the Peruvian jungle

What is it like to visit the Peruvian jungle? When I say jungle, I really mean it. Forget about being online for a couple of days. No wifi and no internet connection. Just nature at its best and you.

Maybe this is a sign from mother earth to disconnect yourself for a few days and let your soul rest. You’ll have enough time to tell your beloved ones about your incredible jungle experience later on.

Man with monkey on his bag in Amazon rain forest

Who needs wifi when you can have a monkey on your back?


The majority of coffee shops and restaurants in Peru have wifi. However, in order to get access you need to order something.

The only exception might be Starbucks, where you can just sit down and ask someone else whether they would be so kind as to share their password with you. Usually, people don’t mind sharing their access.

Do you know some other free Wifi hotspots in Peru that we should know about? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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